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Ray Behind The Scene

Do you know who is actually behind the scene of Love.PrettyPlus+ except Xindy (on the surface)?

It's our Mr. Ray! Say HIIIII~
His 1st Job: Packing Order
He's the one that actually replies to all your order. Yes we mean bulk order from crazy sales and ensuring you ladies receive your items at the soonest. And yes those reply at 3am or 4am in the morning is all this hardwork.

Packing them neatly while waiting for the courier to pick up the parcels.

Part 2: Photographer:

His our reliable photographer behind the scene. This our humble studio light we have at our place. His hard work are often being placed behind the scene which you girls don't see! Do give him a thumbs-up if you see him! For quality photos he would usually stay up till morning to till its perfect photo we post online. 

3) Packer

Oh god, endless job for him. 3rd role he is packer. Do not underestimate this role, this take hours for us to pack the clothes into the plastic bag and then stock-take and placing them in our "warehouse". How salty is that!

But well we are very thankful for ray's hardwork behind the scene which you girls do not usually see. Which make us who we are today, Love.prettyplus+.

Both of us are thankful for your support and part of our growth this 5 years. Do continue to grow with us and we will promise nothing but the best for all of you girls.

With Love,
Xindy Ng


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